Patronal Feast 2011, photo report & Video

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Dear Friends,

Today, with a little “technical” delay we have published on our website the photographs taken during our Visitation Parish Feast on the 31st of May 2011.

This year we invited the Papal Nuntio, Archbishop Ivan Jurkovitch, who also presided over the solemn Mass. Apart from the Parish priest and his assistant, about thirteen priests concelebrated the Mass, they represented the parishes of St. Catherine, St. Stanislaus, St. John the Baptist, Our Lady of Mount Carmel; besides there were confreres from the priestly seminary, two Claretine fathers, Franciscans from Moscow-the General Custodian Fr. Nicolas Dubinin, among those present. In our prayers we were also accompanied by brothers and sisters from those parishes, seminarians, Franciscan brothers and confreres from the Society of the Divine Word. There were also – as usual – our Indian friends, Catholics from Africa and India. The latter ones, especially the irreplaceable and omnipresent Ferdinand, prepared everything for the feast: they cleaned the church, waited on the guests and served at the altar. After the Mass Monsignor Jurkovitch blessed the monument in honor of the Catholics-victims of the repressions, priests and lay people of Leningrad (the gravestone used as monument is one of the twin crosses – the other one is located at the place of mass executions in Levashowski Wasteland). The weather appeared the best possible- there was a lot of sunshine, it was quite warm, even in the church (which – as many of you may know – is not heated due to the still missing decisions considering return of our property, i.e. the area surrounding the church, on the part of the authorities, therefore renovation works and central heating installation cannot get started). We really had such a wonderful celebration: there was peace and quiet, along with truly family-like atmosphere. “How good it is when brothers come together”, especially with God in their midst. May the Lord, our Savior, be merciful to us! Blessed be the Blessed Virgin Mary- Mother of God. Saint Elisabeth and Saint John, intercede for us. We wish you, dear Parish, a happy Feast Day! Kind greetings, dear Brothers and Sisters! May God bless you all!

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