8th Trumpeters’ Corps Husaren Buke

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8th Trumpeters’ Corps Husaren Buke (Buke Hussars) The 1st Westphalen Hussars Unit No. 8, which became known as “8. Hussars” or also “Blue Paderborn Hussars”, was formed near Lüttich and moved to the towns Paderborn, Neuhaus, Wiedenbrück and Lippstadt, after previously being stationed in several places in Lausitz and Rhineland. In the beginning the kings of Bavaria, Maximilian II and Ludwig II carried the honorable title “Union Chief”, then it was conferred on the Russian tsar Nicolas II; he retained it until he lost the throne in 1917. During that time the official name of the unit was the “Hussars Unit of Emperor Nicolas II of Russia (1st Westphalen Unit) No. 8. In the 68 years of its garrison time, when they were stationed in Paderborn/Neuhaus, the Hussars contributed a lot to the economic, social and cultural development of those towns. The outstanding Trumpeters’ Corps, who accompanied the Hussars on manoeuvres, exercises and festive occasions, as well as entertained the people with their concerts, had a big share in that contribution. Under one of their last conductors- Hugo Gerlach- the musicians were pleasantly welcome in Paderborn to feasts and celebrations up to the 60ties of the last century.

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