Jurisdiction of the parish

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Decree of the pastoral jurisdiction of the parishes of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. In order to follow the resolutions contained in the Canon Law, I hereby pass the Decree „concerning the obligation to divide the Church authority and pastoral jurisdiction for the parishes in the Moscow Catholic diocese of the Mother of God“- after hearing the advice of the Priests‘ Council and in accordance with the canon 515 par.2, in which the borders of the particular parish communities in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region are set.   (…) 1.2. The Visitation Parish is a geographical unit.   The territory of the parish spreads from the Kalinin District throughout other districts within the following borders: From the junction with the orbital motorway (KAD) to the Prospekt Kulturyi up to Litenyi-Bridge, which is the border of St. Catherine’s Parish. From the Litenyi-Bridge along the coast of the Neva River up to the Revolution Road, farther from the the Kommunyi Street on the odd side of  Krassin Street up to Rshevskaya Street, and then on the even side of Rzhevskaya Street to the orbital motorway (KAD) and along Ryabovsky Motorway.   The pastoral jurisdiction of the Parish covers the Prioserski and Vsevolovsky Districts of the Leningrad Region.   (…) The present decree comes into effect on Pentecost the 23rd of May 2010. Archbishop Pavel Pezzi, Bishop Ordinary Father Igor Kowalewski, Curia Chancelor Moscow, 13th April 2010.

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