Concert of Choir “Lundi 7 Heures”(Switzerland)

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The Swiss Choir “Lundi 7 heures” sings on July 1st at 7 pm. in St. Petersburg in the B.V.M. Visitation Parish church, 21 Mineralnaja Street: Holy Mass, followed by a concert. Some friends, who usually sang in various choirs, made up their minds to meet twice a month on Monday night at 7 and practice. In autumn 1999, hardly prepared, 16 singers had an opportunity to go on a musical tour to St. Petersburg. They were invited by the choir “Rozhdestvo”. After this Russian success they returned to Switzerland and started to prepare their first album by practicing once a week. In October 2000, the Choir “Lundi 7 heures” sang in front of a large audience (it was in an assembly hall that could hold 1000 viewers) at the Fribourg University, after which they put out their first compact disc “Emmenez-moi”. Since then, the Choir had taken part in many festivals, radio and TV broadcasts. “Lundi 7 heures” had given many concerts, among other places in Barcelona, Berlin and Paris (Festival Georges Brassens). The concert tour to Bolivia and Brazil in autumn 2002 was connected with a humanitarian action for the benefit of a school for disabled children in the town Tarija in Bolivia. That musical tour across South America provided for the colorful appearance of the second album, called “Gracias a la Vida”, which was published in 2004. Further concert tours led to Quebec (Canada) in 2006 and Vietnam in 2008, where “Lundi 7 heures” presented successfully their musical productions  to the delighted audience in Hanoi, Hue and Saigon. In June 2011 the third album under the title “Aimer a perdre la raison” is published. It is supposed to be an homage to the famous French writers like Jean Ferrat, Georges Brassens and Renaud. The musical repertoire of “Lundi 7 heures “ consists mainly of French songs “de la Chanson francaise” (Aznavour, Ferrat, Brassens, Brel), as well as those that were composed by their Choir director Pierre Huwiler. Because the singers of “Lundi 7 heures” do not like to be static and stiff while they are singing, they chose to use a bar stool as part of their musical equipment, which provides a more lively atmosphere in their productions. It does it in a kind of relaxing way, yet does not have influence on the vocal image. Their voices are ripe due to their experience, thanks to which their enthusiasm can be undoubtedly described as youthful.               LUNDI 7 HEURES: 16 singers with a stool – conductor Peter Huwiler Peter Huwiler studied literature and music in Freiburg, Switzerland. He accomplished his training in France, Canada and the USA. He had become interested in folk music of his homeland and of the other countries quite early, and particularly in conducting and composing. Since 1980 Pierre Huwiler has been working as director, composer, producer and organizer of events in Moscow, Paris, Montreal, Bogota, Dublin, Liverpool, Warsaw, Abidjan, Ottawa, Riga, Barcelona, Minneapolis, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Jerusalem, Rio de Janeiro, Marakkech, Hanoi, Saigon … As composer, he created over 500 songs and 23 larger compositions: “Ruah for life” (1978), “Lands of Cantagallo” (1980), “The Game of Gold and Gray” (1980), “The thief of a thousand roses” (1982), “The stone and the plough” (1986), “Pablo” (1985), “E=mc2” (1987), “Gottardo” (1990), “Missa Alba” (1992), “Chatouranga” (1994), “The blue bird” (1995), “Lumen Christi” (1995), “Jericho” (1997), “The Suburbs of the Sun” (1999), “Leonardo da Vinci” (2000), The day after tomorrow” (2000), “The Bank Star” (2002), “ Dolor” (2002), “The miners” (2002), “Esperanto” (2004), “Santiago” (2005), “Benolo” (2006), the ‘Feast of Wheat Echallens’ “Madness” (2008), “The Paradise Gardens” (2009). He was working on important projects in France, Quebec and Switzerland, among other with Michel Fugain, Pierre Delanoe, Etienne Roda-Gil, Maxime le Forestier, William Sheller, Luc Plambeck, Julien Clerc, Alain Souchon, Francis Cabrel, Claude Nougaro, Renaud and Charles Aznavour. As conductor, he led among other the following orchestras:
  • National Orchestra of Israel
  • Latvian National Orchestra
  • Symphony Champagne (France)
  • Philharmonic Isle (Montreal)
  • Symphony Trois Rivieres (Quebec)
  • National Orchestra of Para (Brazil)
  • Symphony Liverpool (England)
  • National Orchestra of Colombia (Bogota), as well as
  • Other symphony orchestras in Switzerland.
He was twice a winner in the composing competitions: first time in 2002 when he composed “Dolor”, awarded by Forum Engelberg, and second time by Television Suisse Romande for the composition “L’Etoile d’Or” in 2004. In 2004 he won the “Culture Award” of Canton Freiburg. He leads many reputed music bands in Roman Switzerland- “Café Café”, “La Chanson de Fribourg” and “Lundi 7 Heures”. He works as musical advisor at the broadcast of Radio Suisse Romande: “The music pavilion”, and in the Swiss television TSR at the Show “Music Box”. He receives regular invitations to sit on the jury of various festivals in Switzerland and abroad. The originality of Peter Huwiler’s music consists in the combination of folk and classical music. It is especially the visual aspect of music that fascinates the Composer, so that  he is spoken about and well known even in the world of painters. Each new composition carries with it an aesthetic desire to present the music originally and highly imaginatively. “Gracias a la vida”:   01. Complainte de Pablo Neruda 02. Bidonville 03. Gracias la vida 04. General Castagnetas 05. La Pobreza 06. Mexico 07. La Contra de l’Acqua Ciara 08. Je m’suis fait tout p’tit 09. Seul un accordeon 10. For Me, Formidable 11. A Brassens 12. Les Passantes 13. Cupidon s’en fout 14. Au bois de mon coeur 15. Amsterdam   “Esperanto”:   01.Ouverture 02.La Moneda 03.Berceuse au blanc sari 04.Un homme est libre en sa prison 05.Cello 06.Final   “Aimer a perdre la raison”:   01.Maman, papa
02.Aimer a perdre la raison
03. Mon bistrot prefere 04.La Ballade Nord-irlandaise 05.Journaliste
06.Nuit et brouillard
07.Maria Consuelo 08.Fly me to the moon

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