Jan Moritz Onken and Symphony Orchestra of the Alexander Herzen University

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Jan Moritz Onken with the Symphony Orchestra „Maladaja klassika“ of the Alexander Herzen University in the Church of Visitation in Saint-Petersburg, November 2nd 2011.

Jan Moritz Onken Born 1977 in Wuppertal, he received his formation as a conductor at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg under the guidance of Prof. Nikolai Alexeev. During these studies he acquired an exellent conducting technique and received high praise from Pierre Boulez for his “exceptional talent”. In 2003 he worked as Assistant to Mariss Jansons and in the meantime gathered worldwide experience leading a number of orchestras in different countries, performing an extensive repertoire. Since 2010 Jan Moritz Onken is living in St. Petersburg where he is the artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of the Alexander Herzen University.

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