The old Jim’s visitor

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The pastor of a parish in Kenya noticed a scruffy old man who was coming to the church everyday at 12 noon and was soon leaving it again. When asked what he was doing in the church, he used to answer: “I enter the church to pray.”

When the parish priest, amazed, asked another question: “Yet you stay not long enough to pray”, the old man explained: “I cannot pray long, however, I do come by everyday just to say: ‘Jesus, this is Jim’, then I wait a minute and he hears me.”

Some time later, the old Jim got into hospital due to a leg injury. It was noticed that he exerted a healing influence on the other sick people. The grouches became friendlier and you could hear a lot of laughter in the room.

“Jim”, a nurse said to him one day, the other men in the room say that it was you who brought about that change in the ward. You are always so happy.”

“Well, sister, I can’t do anything about it that I am so happy. It is because of my visitor.”

The nurse had not yet seen any visitor at Jim’s, he seemed not to have any relatives or close friends.

“Everyday at 12 noon”, answered Jim, He comes, sits down at the foot of the bed and says: ‘Jim, this is Jesus.’”

Jim had never had any opportunity to attend school, yet he had learned to live in such a closeness to Jesus that he could talk with him every time he wanted.

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