Patronal Feast 2012

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Our parish celebrated its parish feast, as it is usual every year. The church was packed, some additional pews had to be provided so that everybody could find a seat. Twelve priests celebrated the Holy Mass, among them there was the parish priest of Velikij Novgorod, Fr. Wladimir Timoshenko, who presided over the Mass and delivered the festive sermon. 36 pilgrims from the Ascension-of the-BV Mary-Parish in Buchloe felt especially honored- they had come along with two priests and their travel guide. We were able to proclaim the Good News to the community gathered in the church and inform them with joy that our Church of the BV Mary Visitation finally received the church grounds which had been longed for since a long time ago, from the city authorities, so we can start the renovation of the church

(see the picture gallery). TP.

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