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On the 1st of May we were able to receive the sacrament of confirmation in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Pushkin. Before the beginning of the Holy Mass joyous hymns resounded through the church, played on the guitar and sung by all gathered. They brought us closer to the Good News and filled God’s house with warmth.


During the Mass I concentrated on the sermon and succumbed to it completely because I wanted to understand better the depth and importance of that sacrament, I also asked for the gift of the Holy Spirit. When I heard the words of the Bishop: “Peace be with you”, I felt great joy, kindness and light in my heart.


I had waited long for the sacrament and prepared for it. Yet, when the day came, I felt terrible because I thought that I was not quite prepared for such a great gift. I felt the presence of God and his unlimited love which helps cope with everything. All the doubts were gone, however, and my soul was filled with grace, peace and happiness.

After the Mass we shared our joy, we embraced and congratulated one another.

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