There is no way to turn back

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What happened on the day of the resurrection of Jesus? How was it? Why HE is not with us? What shall we do? With these and similar questions were probably filled the hearts of the disciples, who in desperation decided turn back to their original profession – fishing. They needed something to do to save their life. But tonight they – experienced fishermen – have no luck. Something in their work affected. Maybe it’s desperation and fear of the unknown future. Or during this three years, when they were with Jesus, they have forgotten how to do their profession? Or maybe the life with Jesus, and his teaching has left in them something, what they didn´t uncover yet? We know just one thing – fishing is no more their vocation. Christ, whom they cannot discover at the first look, let them know, that without Him, there is no future and also turn back is for them impossible. Through His only word they encounter such a success, that it became clear, what did happen. So, from the youngest and the most open, hoping, with the negative experience not impregnated John, every apostle will know Jesus – the Lord.

153 caught fishes isn´t a random number. It is known to the world at that time like a number of all known nations. This means, that the apostles should go to these “fishes” and bring them in the saving net of the Church to the light of Christ.

But before they start this task, it is necessary to fix something, first of all to apostle Peter. Few days ago, he betrayed Christ, and now he has to talk to him again. Feeling deep guilt before Jesus, his friendship and trust were probably the main problem of Peter´s openness to all the events after resurrection. And Jesus knows about it and wants Peter to help – to heal that wound, which hit rather Peter alone, than Jesus. Triple question has to help Peter to recover the old love, but without the false and arrogant views. Of course, his love on this earth will never be as perfect as the love of Jesus to him. But that does not stop Jesus appoint Peter chief shepherd. After all, he will feed the flock of God, and if, God have mercy, the herd will not get the love and respect that is worthy from the shepherds, the Owner will alone fulfill all these mercy. But Peter learned how to imitate the love and care of the Master, and he proved it with his martyrdom accordance with the prediction of Jesus.


In our life, there are many similar moments of failure and disappointment, when we hope in God so much, and he seems to be silent. So we don´t wait any minute, and if the answer does not come, we start to act by our own. But the result is the same or even worse. But God never leaves us, even he is silent. He waits for us. But before we have to try to understand ourselves, our ideas, and when we get rid of excess, he begins to act and to bless us abundantly. The only important thing is – always to think about God in a good way, and wait patiently. And if we cannot wait, and hurry up, stepping on a rusty nail, we do not be afraid to confess this fail, to confess, that our love to God is so poor, and he will trust us a new, great mission.




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