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Since the second half of of August is felt in our parish increased activity. All this is connected with the preparation of the “future face” of a “former cemetery” . As you know, in May, was the parish, donated land with an area of ​​about 1 hectare. It is only one- tenth of the former Catholic cemetery and shall further serve as a memorial and remembrance to all buried here.
The new part of our territory is in a catastrophic state. Everyday stayed here about 50 cars. The garden is contaminated by household garbage, tyres, ground a so on. The last owner of this territory built here illegaly buildings, whioch had to be destroyed. We spent about 700 tausend rubles, to do this all. But the work is still going on. The parishoners and others come to help us to clean that places, which can not be cleaned by mashines. All of you are invited.

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