Dear readers!Посещение Пресвятой Девы Марии

On behalf of the Parish  of Our Lady of Visitation

we look forward to your visit to our website.

We are aware that the Church in Russia today is facing new realities. After the fall of the Iron Curtain in Russia, although people find their way back to God,  there are still many reasons to make the

fate of Christianity concerns.

In Russia, a part of Europe, the Christian population is exposed to entirely new challenges that threaten the modern man with unknown and very dangerous consequences. We all see the difficulties (both within and outside the community of the Church) encountered by believing Christians today. More or less recognizable are those challenges that are increasingly the spiritual and moral values of traditional Christianity in question. In a discussion at various levels in society, and there are also to include information in sufficient levels of service.

Therefore, we try to reflect on possible ways out of the given situation, in order to find answers to the challenges that we face tomorrow. We will try to highlight the positive experiences from historical roots of traditional Christian churches in Russia and Europe. We are also happy to point to the already existing or planned cooperation of believers who trust in the providence of God in building a just future of humanity, based on peace .

We Christians must unite to preserve and develop ways to look for common spiritual and moral values that underlie the traditional Christianity. It may already existing experiences from centuries of history, be helpful especially the Catholic and the Orthodox Church.

From the history of our parish we have examples of such cooperation. In our church worked in the late XIX. – beginning of XX. Century the Congregation of the Blessed Sister Maria Boleslawa Lament, which was founded and led by her. In addition to its wide ranged  charitable works, Sister Boleslawa put great emphasis on intra-Christian dialogue. She never get tired to repeat that the Catholic and the Orthodox Church works as the lung of a single organism, and both are destined for  an harmonious cooperation.

Therefore, this topic is  very important for our parish. In compliance with the new situation we will try to find out what is necessary so that in union of all our efforts, the traditional values of Christianity may be defended. Today we have to find a common path that leads us to unity in faith and truth.

In consequence,  if the Church founded by Christ lived separately, her testimony in the eyes of the world is weakened. The Savior prayed for His Church, “Holy Father, I pray not only for these,  but for those also who through their words will believe in me. May they all be one.  Father, may they be one in us, as you are in me and I’m in you, so that the world may believe it was you who sent me “(Jn 17: 20-21). Through our vocation we have to remember the words of the great Church teachers and saints such as John Chrysostom, who said: “We are all brothers, and one is our teacher, and as it is usually between brothers, only one should give command, while the others are listening ” (Conversation about the Acts, III).

On the way to revival our people through spiritual and moral education, the Church in Russia must  try  to resolve the most important questions of life. Social work is thus an integral part of truly Christian service regarding material and spiritual harmony of mankind. We must not forget the history of our ancestors, parents, brothers and sisters who have dedicated their life to lead us and all people to salvation. We are obliged to talk about heroic examples of saints  known in the history and liturgy of the Church, and to remember the generations of Christians who preceded us in faith and hope, even they died and are already with God. For our community it is important to mention that our church existed until 1917 belonging tos the only Catholic cemetery in St. Petersburg where 40,000 people were burried. Although it was devastated in the following period, it nevertheless survived  between factory buildings and paved roads.

We are obliged to keep the memory of our ancestors alive, to continue their good work that has been tragically interrupted for decades,  to revitalize their spiritual reminder,  to repair the material monuments of the past and to launch a Pilgrimage movement.

The authors of this site  have in mind that you, dear readers, will become familiar with our plans and successes over the above-mentioned objectives.

In love for Christ and in devotion to His Mother we remain

the parish of Our Lady of Visitation

Parish priest Fr. Richard Stark SVD.

Chaplain  Fr. Miroslaw Foris SVD