The Historical Pictures

Dear Friends!   We can’t show you here too many of the pictures of our church and the church community as they had looked like in the time before the October Revolution, without consent of the state archive. Therefore, at the end of the left side we have put the direct links to the website of the Central State Archive of St. Petersburg “Kino-Audio-Foto-Dokumente” where you can find all the other pictures available- once you get this site, go to “checked” pictures of the archive. They are of sufficient size for the whole object to be well seen. In principle, almost only the pictures taken by Karl Karlowitsch Bulla can be found there (he was a Russian-German Catholic whose daughter was buried on the Vyborg Catholic cemetery); the remaining few others come from his sons’ photographic study.

It is possible, however, that you will not be able to get that website on your computer, usually because of various technical reasons: in that case you should try to open it a few days later. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you in this respect.

  And now to the pictures:  

Solemnity of the Most Holy Eucharist (Corpus Christi) at the Vyborg Catholic cemetery about 1900 (there may be doubts as for the date, it is possible that the pictures were taken in 1917, when the Eucharistic Procession took place for the first time from Nevski Prospekt to the cemetery.

  Eucharistic procession.

  You can recognize fragments of the presbytery in the picture


as well

In the background- one of the cemetery crypts (?)

  In this picture you can see almost the whole church façade (except the part with the tower)

The procession enters the church …

as well

And proceeds

Eucharistic procession on the 16th of June 1913

cleary seen the facade of the church

visible one of the grave monuments

Picture shows: one of the crypts , graves crosses, (shed?) probably for storage of cemetery inventory

Placing the mortal remains of Archbishop of Mogilev Casimir Dmochovskij at the Vyborg Catholic cemetery

  Grave transferred from Smolensk German cemetery

as well

Grave of the Archbishop at the Smolensk cemetery

Portrait of the Bishop painted during his lifetime

Grave of the Archbishop in the Smolensk cemetary


carrying away the remains of the Archbishop of Smolensk cemetary

as well

and further

    Views of St. Mary’s Visitation Church at the Vyborg Catholic cemetery in St. Petersburg

  Façade about 1910

In winter



  Interior view, main altar, 1915

What you see: model of a carved altar, a design of students- a school from Volovske, an retreat home for boys of the Catholic Charity Society, which was associated with St. Catherine’s Church in St. Petersburg (provided by Father Anthony Malecki), pulpit with surrounding console and connected with the confessional (down), fragments of painted arches


Archbishop of Mogilev Vincent Klyuchinskiy (his coffin, was originally (1917-1920 )in the crypt of the Cemetery Chapel)

And finally a picture of the year 2001 ( of the altar, as seen from Arsenal Street):

In the photoarchive of Petersburg there are still other pictures of the cemetery (among others of the years 1914 and 1947) – however, they are not exposed on the official website